Unfiled Returns

Sometimes life just gets in the way. You’re busy, you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. Maybe you find the whole income tax process intimidating. Perhaps you’ve been coping with an illness, divorce, job loss, or death in the family. Or perhaps you simply don’t have the money to pay what you think you will owe (or what the government says you owe).

Whatever the reason, the problem is not going away on its own. If you’re ready to get caught up, we’re here for you. The sooner you take action, the sooner you can put these problems behind you. We can help you resolve that burden and put an end to your tax-related stress.

This IRS (and states) are getting aggressive about chasing non-filers and non-payers. Even if you don’t owe much, you’ll want to file to keep additional penalties and interest from piling on. And if you do owe a significant amount, the IRS may force the issue by seizing bank accounts or garnishing your pay.

Tax debt can snowball quickly. On top of the tax itself, there can be penalties: for not filing, for not paying on time. Interest gets added as well. The penalty for not filing can add 25% to your bill, so it’s important to take action before the situation spirals out of control.

If you’re in a messy tax situation, the most important first step is to file any late returns. You should file all overdue returns as soon as possible, even if you’re not sure you can pay. Getting them filed will stop the “failure to file” penalty and is the required first step to getting a handle on what you owe.

If you delay, the IRS may prepare a return for you. They need a return filed so they can begin collections actions, but an IRS-prepared return is almost never the most beneficial to you. You could end up on the hook for more than you really should be paying.

An experienced tax professional can minimize your financial suffering. By negotiating for you in your dealings with the IRS and state, your experienced representative can work out a plan to handle your overdue returns and taxes with minimal financial suffering.

We’re your neighbors. There are many national chains that may be clamoring to help you, but most of the clients we’ve worked with say they preferred hiring a local professional.

How can an experienced tax professional help you? We can:

  • Respond professionally and appropriately to IRS and state correspondence.

  • Help you collect records and receipts and get your bookkeeping organized so you can file accurate returns.

  • Prepare and file any overdue income tax returns.

  • Explain and execute the steps needed for you to get off the IRS radar – and stay off!

Solutions for Your Delinquent Income Tax Return Filings. Schedule a complementary consultation and learn what options may be available to you. Your confidential tax situation will be handled with the utmost discretion and privacy.