Client Portal

Portal Introduction

We use Citrix ShareFile to send and receive your confidential such as copies of tax returns, tax documents, and other personal information. More than 99% of the Fortune 500 companies use ShareFile, including banks, hospitals, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. Your information is protected with the industry-standard levels of strong encryption.

To access your portal from your computer, visit and log on using your email address and previously selected password. If you don't have a portal account, email us to request one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I already have a portal?

A: If you never received an email to activate your portal and select a password, contact us to get one set up. (Also contact us if you received the email more than a month ago and it has expired.)

Q: Can I access the portal from my phone?

A: The portal works fairly well when using a phone browser, or you can install the Citrix Files app from the Android or Apple app store. Whether using the browser or app, you can view documents or upload PDF files or pictures.

Q: The app or website is asking for my domain. What do I use?

A: Use HVTAXEXPERTS for the domain.

Q: What is my initial password?

A: You will select your password when you activate your account. Look for an automatic email from to begin the process. Some email providers may send this email to your spam or junk folder.

Q: How do I add documents to the portal?

A: After you log in to your portal, you will see a list of folders that you can access. For many people, this will just be your named client folder. You must click on a folder to open it before you can add any files. Once you are inside a folder, you should have a blue "+" button on the screen to add documents.

Q: How do I sign my documents in the portal? (updated 1/10/21)

A: In 2020, New York joined the 21st century and allowed electronic signatures on tax return e-filing authorizations. If you agree to receiving and signing your tax return electronically, you will receive a separate email from us (via that will walk you through confirming your identity and signing your return. In addition, a PDF copy of your complete return will be in your portal indefinitely.

The government does not allow e-signatures on some forms, You can sign these types documents on your phone, tablet, or computer using Adobe Reader and on iPhones using Markup -- see the articles below. (If you have problems with the e-signing process you can fall back on this procedure as well.)

Alternatively, you can print the required signature pages, sign them the old fashioned way, and return scanned copies to us. See below for instructions. If you are sending pictures of documents, always remember to send high-resolution photos. iPhones in particular seem to default to sending small, low-resolution pictures that cannot be read.

When using the methods below, remember that we cannot accept a typed "signature." You have to scrawl something on the screen or use a scanned picture of your signature.

Q: How do I print documents from the portal?

A: On a PC or Mac, after clicking on a PDF file in the portal, you can download it or print it using the buttons on the right side of the screen. For best results, download the file and print from Adobe Acrobat Reader (or your preferred alternate PDF reader). Pay attention to the print preview to make sure that the result fills the page without being too small or too large.

Your results using the print button from the portal may be suboptimal.

Do not use the browser print functions (Ctrl+P, Command+P, or File, Print from the menu) as it will not work.

Q: I've forgotten my password? Can you reset it?

A: For your security, we don’t have access to your password. Go to the portal login page at and click the “forgot password” link to reset it.

Q: I've tried to reset my password but I never receive an email.

A: Make sure you are using the same email address that was used to create the portal. If your email address has changed or you would like access from more than one address, please contact us.