Tax Account Monitoring

Let us monitor your IRS Account

The IRS is hiring thousands of new employees and audits are expected to increase greatly over the next few years.

Account monitoring allows many IRS issues to be detected early on and addressed or fixed before the IRS becomes aware. This can reduce or eliminate penalties that can be as much as 50% or more of the additional taxes.

Account monitoring is available with your paid personal or business tax return preparation at no additional charge.

If you're not a return preparation client, monitoring is available as a standalone service. Please contact us for details.

Benefits of Account Monitoring

With account monitoring in place, Hudson Valley Tax Experts can:

Detect most IRS audits up to six months in advance, potentially saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in penalties.

Look for missed stimulus payments and refunds in the current and past 3 years.

Provide advanced identity theft detection.

Find forgotten retirement accounts.

Reduce the chance of refund delays.

Provide you with an annual comprehensive tax analysis report.

We receive copies of most IRS letters you might receive and can translate them for yoo.

New York State residents (and non-residents filing a New York return): We also offer additional monitoring of New York tax accounts, on a more limited basis. Other states generally do not offer similar capabilities.

Signing Up

Contact your preparer and they will send you the necessary forms.

IRS form 2848 grants us permissions to monitor your federal tax account and intercede on your behalf when needed. Once signed and processed by the IRS, we can review your account for issues and opportunities and provide you with your tax analysis report. Accounts are monitored for changes on a weekly basis, so we can alert you to any important changes.

Verify your name, address, and Social Security Number on page 1. Sign and date Section 7 in the middle of page 2.

If you are married, there is one form for each of you. Both spouses must sign for monitoring to be most effective.

For New York residents: Form POA-1 grants permissions for us to receive copies of letters and to speak with the tax department on your behalf, if needed. Form TR-2000 grants permission to access your account electronically. Sign and both forms at the bottom of the page.

Return your signed forms to us by any of the secure delivery methods. Please do not email your completed forms as they contain your sensitive personal information.